Let’s go to the hop!

Eric Silvey began Sock Hop Sundays on Sunday March 21st, 2003 as a grand experiment to determine if 1950s/60s Rock-n-Roll, Doo Wop, Soul and Motown could generate a group of people who enjoy listening and dancing to this type of music.  About 65 – 70 people attended the first event and now in our 20th year, we are averaging 175+ people per dance.  Thank you to everyone making this event such a success!

Eric Silvey has a life long passion for music of the 50’s and 60’s and makes a point to meet many of the original members from the golden era groups.

Sock Hop Meeting Lala Brooks
Dion and Eric
Sock Hop Meeting Dion
Bobby Rydell Eric Edited
Sock Hop Meeting Bobby Rydell

On the dance floor, we have two DJs that play the original 50s & 60s tunes at each event and are happy to take requests.  You don’t need a partner and you don’t need to know how to dance to have a great time at this super-friendly event. Our attendees dress comfortably and casually.  Dances are held once a month on Sunday evenings.

There is a special joy and happiness one feels when listening  (and dancing!) to this music. Some of us remember hearing it growing up, while others are being introduced to it and realizing how much fun it is.  The songs are short, catchy and rhythmic. They contain unique harmonies, sax solos and melodies that appeal to the heart and soul.

Many of our guests have said this is their favorite party of the month and there is nowhere else one can feel the warmth, energy and exuberance our event inspires!!

What our attendees have to say:

From a first time attendee:

“Hi Eric, Just wanted you to know I had a blast last night. I didn’t ask anyone to dance but around 7 men asked me to dance on their own; I’m kind of shy that way. I danced with one man who I thought was a professional dancer; I was truly dizzy. It was an experience. I’m going to try and make it to the 20th of July.  You are really doing a nice thing for us baby boomers. It’s really refreshing to go somewhere to just dance and have fun, etc.”

– Best wishes, Thea Schiller

“My husband and I travel down from Putnam County (we are pretty close to Connecticut!!) and look forward to Sock Hop every month. We’ve been attending for almost 3 years and really enjoy the easy friendships we have made over music and dancing. Sock Hop Sundays stands out for it’s fun and welcoming atmosphere.”

– Anne & Harold, 2019

“I planned my vacation around your Sock Hop. I was not disappointed. It was, without a doubt, the highlight of my trip!”

– Wendy

“Just wanted to let you know what a good, no let’s make that fantastic, time we had last night.  The music and atmosphere made for a wonderful evening.  We have been looking for a 50’s-60’s DANCE venue for quite a long time.  We don’t go to concerts where we just sit and listen to the music…we want to dance to the music!  Your enthusiasm helps us to enjoy the music.  As my husband says, this music makes us young twice.  Not only are we in our sixties,  we are reliving the 60’s…a very good time for us.”

–  Richard & Martha

“This is a great group of people and the music and dancing is terrific. Makes you feel like a teenager again. I love it.”

– Kay via Meetup

“Eric does a great job of making everyone feel welcome.”

– Nancy via Meetup

“I just want to say that I really enjoyed the recent Sock Hop I attended. It is all that you said it would be – a terrific dancing time for all with a warm welcoming atmosphere!

Thanks for creating these great events.”

– Judy, 2016

From an inspired individual:

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all… Nowadays people kill themselves to eke out a living, improve their living conditions or keep their high standard of living, but they forget to live. So you should be happy while you living for you’re a long time dead. In fact, people don’t live, but they survive each day. For they are too busy, too tired, too stressed and too worried to really enjoy the pleasures of life. Everyone says; time flies. Thus, hours become days and days become years and years become a wasted precious life, and what for? Of course, for a better living. It’s believed that to be successful in life and improve your conditions you have to work hard and never stop, because if you stop, another person will come and take your place. Besides, as the present society demands a lot of effort to survive and keep a decent living, pleasures are the first thing to be put off when wanting to achieve any goal. However, if you postpone your enjoyment until you have time, money and/or proper conditions arrive… that time may never come or come too late and your priceless life will be wasted. So make treating yourself a priority and always remember your life is happening now. Don’t put off all your dreams and pleasures to another day, it’s time to do the Sock Hop 50s and 60s jam, you know where… be there…

-Tallman Rosario, 2017

“I’ve never been to anything like this before and I must say Eric, I commend you for the phenomenal event you put together to bring joy into peoples’ hearts.

I’ll definitely be back for “Dirty Dancing”!”

– Julie M. via Meetup, 2016

“The DJ was great and the bartender was too. I liked the Iguana Cafe…”

– Julia via Meetup

“Thanks to Eric for creating this Meet Up group for all to enjoy and dance the night away. I just love remembering all the songs I danced to with the kids on Bandstand or Soul Train. So I say hat’s off to Eric Silvey the best MC in town!”

– Julie “The Italian Girl”, 2016

“It was a lot of fun. The vibe was very upbeat and everybody danced with everybody. It was a great way to celebrate my birthday. I will definitely be back. My friends said they had a great time also. I love ‘Motown’ so that is the reason I went…”

– Ivy via Meetup

“I had a GREAT time. The music brought back good memories…”

– Maureen via Meetup

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